A community for learners and lovers of the gloriously old-fashioned.

An online membership for hobbyists and enthusiasts who want to learn the skills and past-times of yesteryear.


If you have ever…

💭 felt the tug of a bygone era on your apron strings...

🍞 daydreamed about fresh-baked loaves of bread and knitting needles red hot from your speedy stitches...

🪑 fallen down in a swoon when you found the. perfect. thing. EVER. at an antique fair…

Then you belong in The Vernacular Society!

In The Vernacular Society, you will:

🎓 Learn fascinating skills and handicrafts from our ever-growing library of video tutorials on knitting, baking, sewing, and more.

🗣 Engage in a coterie of like-minded enthusiasts to chat, share, and learn with people who really GET IT.

🎥 Join LIVE video calls — hosted by me! — to ask questions, learn new techniques, connect with the group, or just hang out.

📰 Browse the monthly Society Digest for project tutorials, tips and tricks, and member highlights!

And so much more!

I'm so in!

Calling all Grandmillenials, Grandmas, and DIY Enthusiasts

In our modern world, you can buy almost anything you want. Just a few taps on your phone and groceries are delivered to your door within hours. A quick Saturday afternoon trip and you can furnish your entire house with a stroll through Ikea.

Sometimes I look around at all this modernity, this minimalism, this white-on-white decor, these ever-changing fashion trends, and think...

"I don't fit in here."

Have you ever felt that way? Where do we fit in?
Where is the place for those of us who

  • Want to curl up with a good book under a quilt we made?
  • Gaze lovingly at old-fashioned pantries, root cellars, and gardens, dreaming about filling them with our own food?
  • Imagine pulling freshly baked biscuits out of the oven and serving them in a napkin-lined basket for dinner?
  • Crave to know how to do things ourselves?
  • Feel the drama, the magic, and the comfort of old ways and things?
  • Want to share in a community with people who truly understand?

We need a place to be too, right?

Reviving Yesteryear

You, me, and the members of The Vernacular Society are here to bring back the erstwhile skills of yesteryear.

The history. The drama. The crafts. The learning.

Not many of us have pioneer grandmas who will teach us:

  • cooking and baking
  • canning and preserving
  • table setting and hostessing
  • sewing and mending
  • planting and gardening
  • being a useful, capable, and knowledgeable person.

Where did all those skills go?

They aren't hanging around on Pinterest, I can tell you that.
In this day and age, you gotta figure it out for yourself.

That's what we do in The Vernacular Society.
Figure. Stuff. OUT.

So come join us! Let’s start learning!

This is your place to connect with other folks who love what you love.

Meet Your Society Chairwoman

🖐 Hiya! I'm Paige.

You know, from Farmhouse Vernacular? We might have met while I was:

  • renovating my 1905 farmhouse with my husband.
  • sharing densely packed fancy thrift hauls.
  • swooning over dramatic room reveals.
  • canoodling with some cats.
  • tending to my (please don’t ask me how many) chickens.

I love history, design, and DIY.

I've picked up quite a few skills in my day — sewing, baking, chair caning, knitting, and crochet just to name a few!

One question I get the most is, “How did you learn all this stuff?”

It all started when I was three...

Clearly, nothing has changed since then. 😛 You see, the smaller the package, the denser the fancy. That’s just how it is.

From a very young age, my parents set a FANTASTIC example of resourcefulness and hard work. ❤️

My mother was constantly sewing, canning, baking, and decorating — always whipping up tasty treats, theatrical costumes, and exciting adventures for us as kids. ✂️

My father was a fantastic fixer of everything under the sun. He wired lights, cut through walls, drove tractors, and rode dirt bikes. He made me a magic wand once, just because I asked. 🔨

Watching them, I learned that anything my heart could dream up, I could find, make, remake, or build — as long as I was willing to figure out how.

No guidebooks, no lessons. Just FIGURE. IT. OUT.

I’m not an expert. And I’ll never claim to be one. I am simply a passionate enthusiast who is willing to learn on the job and share as I go.

And I bet you are, too!

That’s why I created The Vernacular Society.

Here we can come together as a community of makers and shakers who want to bring a little more down-home back to our own lives.

Let's revive those heritage habits and do the most exciting thing I can think of: make stuff!

Tell me how to join!

Welcome to The Vernacular Society!

Please join me in...

The Library

As a Vernacular Society Library Member, you will:

  • Follow along with monthly guided video projects.
  • Receive full access to the ever-growing Video Library of projects and skills tutorials.
  • Download and print recipes, shopping lists, patterns, and other project resources.
  • Read the monthly Society Digest with tips, tools of the trade, member spotlights, and more!
  • Watch replays of all the live Society Meetings video calls.

(billed monthly)

The Parlor

As a Vernacular Society Parlor Member you will:

  • Receive all Library Member benefits, PLUS:
  • Access the Member’s Parlor, an online community space where you can conspire with your budding network of fancy friends.
  • Attend the monthly Society Meetings: Live video calls to share your projects, celebrate each other’s thrift finds, answer questions, and more!
  • Vote! Help decide which project we do next by participating in the monthly vote.

(billed monthly)

The Whole House

As a Vernacular Society House Member, you will:

  • Receive all the perks and benefits of Parlor Member Access for 1 full year.
  • Have full Video Library access - all projects and skills tutorials at your fingertips.
  • Enjoy full Member Parlor access - chat area, live call participation, and project votes any time of day.
  • Get the annual discount — save $29 when you buy the whole house!

(billed annually)

A bit of extra fancy just for you...

Join The Vernacular Society on or before May 4th and become an honorary Founding Member.

As a Founding Member, you will get your very own beautiful brooch to add to your fancy collection.

To become a Founding Member of The Vernacular Society, you must join on or before May 4th, 2021 at any membership level!

Become a Founding Member!


Does enrollment close?

Enrollment never closes. We always want to welcome you to The Vernacular Society!

But to be among the Founding Members of The Vernacular Society, you must join on or before May 4th, 2021. That’s how you’ll be eligible to receive your beautiful brooch!

What if I need more help?

Become a Parlor Member! Parlor Members get access to our online community where you can chat and share with other members. You’ll also get an invite to our monthly Society Meeting video calls so you can get your questions answered live!

When do the live calls happen?

The Live calls (Society Meetings) happen once per month during the last week of each project. These calls are your opportunity to ask questions, get help on projects, chat with me and the other members, and generally have a good time!

I will do my best to make sure these calls happen at a variety of times to encompass as many members as possible.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Canceling is easy. Simply email me and my team at thevernacularsociety@gmail.com.

You’ll keep your membership access through the date on which your next payment would have processed.

We do not provide partial refunds.  

Do I need a Facebook/YouTube/Instagram account to join?

You don't need anything to join other than an email! Both The Library and The Parlor are completely contained on their own platform.

All you have to do is register, log in, and start having fancy fun!  

Do I have to do every project?

No way! Want to skip a project? Sure thing! Want to go back and do a project again? FANTASTIC.

This community is about learning, and not everyone wants to learn every single thing. That’s totally cool. There are tons of other fun Society activities to engage in throughout the month.

If I join as a Library Member, can I upgrade to Parlor later?

Sure! Just email me and my team at thevernacularsociety@gmail.com. We’ll be happy to help!

What if I can’t make it live?

That’s ok! All video replays will be shared inside The Library after the call. So you can always catch the recording!

I will make my best effort to make these calls accessible for you, no matter where you are in the world.

Because connection matters!

Can’t I learn all this on YouTube?

Sure you can. But if you know you can learn this stuff online, why haven’t you done it yet?

I’ll bet I know why. It’s DAUNTING!! So many videos, so many opinions, so many ways of doing things. Where should you start?

The Vernacular Society is here to help.

We’re a community of people just like you who are ready to learn together. Doesn’t it sound like more fun to learn with friends?!  

Can I change my membership?

Of course! If at any time during your membership you would like to upgrade or change something, just email me and my team at thevernacularsociety@gmail.com.

You're Fabulous. You're Fancy.
Ready to Learn.

Inside The Vernacular Society you will:

🎓 Learn fascinating skills and handicrafts from our ever-growing library of video tutorials on knitting, baking, sewing, and more.

🗣 Engage in a coterie of like-minded enthusiasts to chat, share, and learn with people who really GET IT.

🎥 Join LIVE video calls — hosted by me! — to ask questions, learn new techniques, connect with the group, or just hang out.

📰 Browse the monthly digest for project tutorials, tips and tricks, and member highlights!

🗳 Want to learn something specific? Vote on what we do next! Let's revive all those skills the pioneer women knew! 😉

So what are you waiting for?
Join The Vernacular Society today!